The Perfect Wedding Gift: The Newlywed's Guide to Lovemaking. Make Your Wedding Night Perfect. (Wedding Gifts for the Couple, Wedding Gifts, Kama Sutra, Kama Sutra with Pictures) (Volume 1)

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What is the perfect wedding gift you could possibly give? How about a guide on what every newlywed needs to know? The art of lovemaking. The Kama Sutra is the ultimate guide in lovemaking. For a large portion of us Kama Sutra is still a strange and concealed manual for lovemaking that could furnish us with the key to interminable climaxes, and long prosperous connections. As a general rule, the Kama Sutra is a much subtler and more profound content than that. This has some of the time been lost in our cutting-edge way to deal with the Kama Sutra. In this book, the profound component of the first Kama Sutra (that advances closeness and genuine closeness) is combined with our present-day affection for experimentation. This makes a fun and streamlined way to deal with the Kama Sutra that is rousing, and loaded with energizing tips and positions to make your accomplice wild. • Discover the rich history of the Kama Sutra and how its unique goals can give a kick to your adoration life while likewise showing you how to regard your accomplice, and genuinely investigate them – in each sense conceivable. • Teach yourself how to be more present with a significant other, so you can have a more profound association and comprehend their physical and mental needs. • Learn around forty interesting and welcoming positions for you to attempt with an accomplice, and additional tips for accomplishment on ensuring the positions work for you.
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