Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow & Bamboo Pillowcase. Luxury Baby Shower Gift to KEEP a baby's head round. Prevent Plagiocephaly. (Bundled With Extra Pillowcase)

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Includes One Memory Foam Pillow, One Inner Cover and One Bamboo Pillowcase. BABY ON IT'S BACK? If it's a newborn, we can almost guarantee it. To reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by up to 50%, an infant should be on it's back, but when they are, they can suffer from plagiocephaly, or Flat Head Syndrome. PERFECTLY ROUND Utilizing an amazingly pure BASF memory foam design, we not only help round out your child's noggin, but keep them comfortable as well! It's quality that every new mother or father can appreciate, and it's right here with the Amazing Sleep Baby Pillow! A MORE NATURAL WAY Forget polyester and other synthetic materials. We use only the finest hypoallergenic bamboo for our cushion cover! It's gentle on baby's skin, and brings an untouchable softness to the equation. FROM MOTHERS, FOR MOTHERS As parents ourselves, we believe that every design can be made better with just a little bit more attention to the details. We've researched other pillows like this, and have innovated on an idea specifically to meet the needs of the mother that truly wants the best for their little one. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON NOW AND GIVE YOUR NEWBORN THE COMFORT AND SUPPORT S/HE DESERVES TODAY!! **Photo credit Doug Vidler**
Dimensions: 252 x 1031 x 1228
Color: Extra Pillowcase
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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