Smile Macaron Home Gift set, Hand made natural Soap 2 & Non-scratch Sponge, Big & Small Set & Orange butter Multi-Balm for Lip Hand Cracked Skin (Circle Shape) (Pink)

Hand-crafted 4-layer Foaming Net Height: 4.7 inch Diameter: 3 inchThe foaming net is convenient to use and reduces soap wastag.It is gentle on the skin and can be re-used multiple timesEvery 4-layer foaming net is meticulously sewn by hand Smile Macaron SoapHeight: approx. 3cm Weight: 2 ounces Size: approx. 5 cmIngredients-Collagen, castor oil, glycerin, rice, coconut, palm oil, wheat flourThe collagen, castor oil and glycerin ingredients result in an outstanding moisturizing effect on the skinThe color of the soap is made by freeze-dried natural materials Orange butter Lip & Multi-Balm 0.5ozApply as required to dry areas of the skin including lips, face and body. This product contains no artificial fragrances or artificial ingredients.Non-scratch sponge, Big & Small Set. Size: Small - approx. 4.7 inch(12cm) Big - approx. 5.5 inch(14cm) It can be used for washing dish or Wash Basin, bathtub. Additional Instructions • Hand-crafted 4-layer Foaming Net : This is a tool specialized for our Smile Macaron Soap product Each Foaming Net may vary in shape or color as it is a hand-made product • Smile Macaron Soap : Refund or exchange is not available for any splitting of the 3 layers of the soap,as it is deliberately designed to do this.Soap bottom is flat • Orange butter Lip & Multi-Balm : Trace amounts of product may settle around the cap as this balm is a hand-made product Therefore, this is not a legitimate reason for a refund or an exchange•Non-scratch sponge : Do not put in hot water over 45 degrees.Sponge Sterilization Method: 1 teaspoon of citric acid and 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 L of water. Soak the loofah for 1 minute. Please rinse with clean water and dry. New & Gift & Personal hygiene product, can not be refunded when the seal is removed. This product is handmade. Detailed design may differ from photo.
Dimensions: 335 x 669 x 1024
Size: bell
Color: Pink
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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