Lil' Oopsies Toddler Bibs Set of 4 - Premium Quality, 3 Layered Absorbent & Waterproof Teething, Feeding & Drooling Bibs. Unique Baby Shower Gift for Girls. Suitable for Husky Babies to Toddlers.

You're looking for a set of Toddler Bibs that can keep your little one's clothes clean while eating. Great job-you found it. Now sit back for only a second-you have a toddler after all-and relax in the knowledge that you've found the cutest set of bibs ever...✅. Also, this set of 4 adorable bibs that Amazon will deliver to you soon, include all the elements of fun meal times because they are... » A perfect example of where cute meets functional - Lil' Oopsies training bibs appeal to your toddler's sense of adventure and it adds a festive touch to meal times. It's also absorbent with 3 Layer, which means the bib will get dirty but their clothes will stay clean; » A Double Delight - (1) Getting your toddler to wear a bib is not easy, but Lil' Oopsies bibs are fun,exciting and thrilling. (2) For some reason, a toddler cannot stay clean while eating and dirty clothes mean extra laundry. What a relief to know that even though these bibs are cute, Lil' Oopsies are also strong & durable & can stand up to repeated machine washing and drying.✅ » A Breeze to use. Velcro makes life easier, especially if lil' one is squirming and getting the bib on is hard enough, with no talk of needing to find the button to snap it in. The Velcro is strong and can stand up to long term use, plus it won't scratch your child's delicate neck.✅ » Suitable for husky babies 6 months+ and toddlers up to 36 months, which means you can use them for a long time.✅ » Buying this as a gift? How smart are you for getting one of the best baby gifts online, because it's functional, trendy, FUN, and a unique gift that parents will use because all babies and toddlers need bibs.✅ You also get a 100% - No Questions Asked - Refund if you or toddler doesn't love it. It's WIN WIN. The choice is easy. Click the ADD TO CART button above now and discover the magic.
Dimensions: 160 x 780 x 850
Color: Set of 4 Girls
Package quantity: 4
Condition: New

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