Shower Gel & Body Lotion Gift Set Imported From Germany Elegantl Scent of Magnolia Blossom 2 x 200ml Vegan Paraben Free Hydrating Shower Gel with Moisturizing Body Cream by PURE aldo Vandini

aldo Vandini® PURE Hydrating Shower Gel & Body Lotion is a balanced and harmonious skin care experience infused with the peaceful scent of Cotton & White Magnolia and makes the perfect present and gift for friends and family! aldo Vandini® PURE Hydrating Shower Gel Lotion: This hydrating shower gel surrounds your senses with charming scent of magnolia blossoms. Using lipid replenishers to protect the skin from drying out, aldo Vandini® Shower Gel leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft aldo Vandini® PURE Hydrating Body Lotion: This body cream is quick absorbing and provides maximum moisture, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully supple. To experience more aldo Vandini® PURE Moments check out the Sorelle Care storefront page! Acknowledging the great skin care 'Moments' should be shared, aldo Vandini®'s imaginative packaging is designed with gift giving in mind. Share your 'Moment' - and make aldo Vandini® a loving gift for your friends and family. For over 30 years, the aldo Vandini® product line has provided pampered skin care for women all across Europe. With passion and dedication, aldo Vandini® has created unique 'Moments' that combine a variety of exclusive fragrances infused within rich formulas to bring a touch of luxury to your life. Created with the finest formulations that make your skin uniquely soft, aldo Vandini®'s product range is a seductively tender pleasure - subtle and legendarily beautiful.SORELLE CARE CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE: We are passionate about providing our customers with high quality, ethically made products that work. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we encourage you to contact us directly & we will do our best to ensure that your buyer experience is a positive & lasting one.
Dimensions: 201 x 626 x 799
Color: Pink white purple
Condition: New

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