Bath Bombs Gift Set - Spa Kit of 6 Large Fizzies - Natural Essential Oils & Lush Fragrance - Rose, Lavender, Eucalyptus. Beauty Gift Idea for Woman, Daughter,Teen Girl, Mom - Her Organic Bath Basket

Stimulate your senses for a passionate evening, calm yourself down, or impress someone with a charming gift - our bath bomb set offers aromatherapy, stress relief, and skin care benefits, all with some fizzy fun. PUREAN LUXURY BATH BOMBS SET - Happiness is an easy game when you know how to keep your wife or girlfriend happy - persuasion reinvented - Rekindle the spirit of love again in a unique way - dramatic fizzes, spurts of aroma and incredible salty therapy - High quality essential oils moisturise your skin effectively and ensure that fragrances stay on for significantly longer - Leaves your skin soft and silky - Remarkable fizzing action with benefits of aromatherapy and salt therapy - Aromatherapy proves helpful in calming your senses, uplifting your mood, in relieving stresses, and in relaxation - also helps you sleep and overcome insomnia - Salt therapy improves blood circulation, and helps improve skin health - Set includes 6 heart shaped bath bombs in a premium heart shaped box - a great way to give your heart to someone without accepting it upfront - Made from 100% pure ingredients which are entirely safe for your sensitive skin - Offer great value for money GIFT THAT EVERYONE DESIRES A gift that's loved by everyone irrespective of age, gender and relationship. Don't hesitate to make someone happy - be it your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, kids. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible Set of Bath Bombs Delivered to you in Just 3-5 Days!
Dimensions: 201 x 961 x 1031
Size: 30 ounces
Color: pink, green, purple
Condition: New

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