Collectable Bamboo Coasters Set of 4 Persian Calligraphy Design

The coaster set is the first item of Parvin Collection manufactured by Farsad Productions based in Santa Barbara, California. The coaster set's design is carved to a gorgeous calligraphy in Nastaliq style design. The carved Persian words "Noosh e jaan" means "Cheers" or "Bon Appetit." The coaster's design is also inspired by Eslimi designs of famous Persian carpets. The product is intended for serving tea and coffee in Persian traditional ceremonies and gatherings. It is also a perfect gift for Nowruz, (the Persian New Year) Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. Each piece of the coaster set is cut and engraved (front and back) with laser-cut technology to ensure maximum quality and precision. The product is then laminated to give it a glowing finish and extra resistance against water stains. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material which is safe and durable for kitchen products. Bamboo also has an ergonomic and organic feel that contributes to warmth and hospitality of your gathering.
Dimensions: 125 x 400 x 400
Size: 3.9 inch by 0.9 inch
Color: Brown
Condition: New

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