Grandma Jones' Pepper Jam - Cranberry-Habanero (8.5 ounce)

Grandma Jones kept her secret family recipe under lock and key until long after she arrived on the shores of the United States from Ireland in the early 1900's. This unique blend of sugar, spices, and peppers has finally been introduced to the public by two of her descendants living in Pennsylvania. Made in the traditional manner with sugar and fruit pectin, Grandma Jones' jam also contains vinegar, diced green peppers, and crushed red pepper flakes. This surprising combination of sweet, sour, and hot makes a spunky party spread for cheese and crackers. It can also be used as a fat-free dip for vegetable crudités, shrimp cocktail, or chicken fingers. Creative cooks can use it as a marinade for chicken, beef or pork; may also be used as a last-minute glaze for salmon. Grandma Jones' Pepper Jam is an igourmet exclusive that is not to be missed. Now available in seven flavors! Varieties sold separately.
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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