Spinosi BIO Organic Egg Pasta and Sauce Sampler Gift Box

Vincenzo Spinosi has established the Spinosi name in the most prestigious restaurants and shops worldwide. Using only the finest ingredients and a natural drying process, Spinosi creates pasta with a consistent and unmistakable porosity that swells considerably during a very short cooking time. The success of this pasta is based on the Spinosi family's passion for their work and their customer's love and appreciation for the finest pasta anywhere.Only the freshest and finest organic grains are used in the newest line of egg pastas called Spinosi BIO. The Spinosi BIO Organic Pasta and Sauce Sampler Gift Box includes one organic farro pasta and one organic whole wheat pasta, along with two tomato sauces to serve with them. As an added treat, we threw in a bag of crunchy Spiritosini biscotti for dessert. All of this comes packaged for gift giving in a large, colorful gift box.Each Spinosi BIO Organic Pasta and Sauce Sampler Gift Box contains:Organic Fettuccine al Farro BIO by Spinosi 8.8 ozOrganic Spinosini Integrali (Whole Wheat) BIO Egg Pasta by Spinosi 8.8 ozSugo al Basilico (Tomato Basil Sauce) by Spinosi 12 ozSugo all'Ortolana (Garden Vegetable Tomato Sauce) by Spinosi 12 ozSpiritosini Biscotti with Hazelnuts and Cocoa by Spinosi 8.8 oz
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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