Emma T's Lavender Bath Salts Gift Set - Fizzy Bath Salts - 6 Baths

Color:Just Lavender LAVENDEROf all the places I have traveled, the South of France is easily among my favorites. Stepping outside the quaint villages and into the countryside reveals deep violet fields of lavender. Among the buzzing of bees and blissful aroma, I know that this is in fact the most perfect place. LAVENDER AND CHAMOMILE (Blissful Peace)As the Italian Alps came into full view, I saw a field of the most gorgeous little yellow flowers. I walked closer and brought a little bud to my nose to breathe in its blissful scent. Chamomile flowers — I plucked a few and brought them with me, and their peaceful nature reminds me of that trip to this day. LAVENDER AND ROSE GERANIUM (Nature’s Garden)My family moved around quite a bit when I was young, but one of the first things we always did after unpacking was to plant rose bushes and geraniums. Combined with the calming fragrance of lavender, these three flowers remain the most constant scents in my life. LAVENDER AND MAGNOLIA (Springtime Stroll)One of my favorite places is the southern French countryside. The fields explode in vibrant violet as lavender blossoms under the warm sunlight, inviting honeybees to feast on their nectar. Down the narrow, winding roads, magnolia trees reveal their glorious blossoms and magnificent scent. This aromatic romance of the senses is forever imprinted in my memory. LAVENDER AND FRANKINCENSE (Calm Before the Morning)While staying in Florence, Italy, I became fascinated with old churches and would often wander into them on my way to school. The smell of history mixed with frankincense and a dash of dust. These quiet moments of serenity kept me grounded throughout the busy day. LAVENDER AND PINK GRAPEFRUIT (Summer Breeze)After I lay my towel down on the hot, Floridian sand, I settle in and reach for my lunch box. Inside is the only thing I need to make my day complete: a cool, juicy grapefruit.
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