Gold Damask Reusable Fabric Gift Bag for Christmas, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday or Any Occasion (Medium 17 Inches Wide by 18.5 Inches High)

VZWraps reusable fabric gift bags help you wrap more quickly and stylishly, and there's no trash left behind when your present is opened. No need for a big plastic garbage bag full of crumpled paper after the next bridal shower or birthday celebration. Just drop your gift in, tie the bag closed, and you're on your way. No tape or scissors needed, and no more sitting on the floor getting a back ache rolling out paper and trying to not poke a hole in it. Trying to wrap oddly-shaped toys or clam-shell packaging? Not a problem with VZWraps. WHICH SIZE TO CHOOSE? The dimensions shown are for the flat bag. Sorry if you're having a flash back to math class, but the easiest way to see if your gift will fit is to measure around the box or container. LARGE bags can hold a present with a perimeter under 40 inches, such as a basketball, large robe, coat, small appliances, a shirt box, or large shoe box. The ribbon is not attached to the large box to give your more options for where to place it for the best presentation. MEDIUM bags can hold a gift with a perimeter under 34 inches, such as square board games, a football, large sweatshirts, or small laptops or tablets. STANDARD bags are great for small electronics (cell phones, music players), candles, boxed DVDs, books, t-shirts, or baby clothes. They'll hold something with a perimeter under 20 inches. > If you're not sure which size you need, just ask! Tell us the item and any dimensions you may know, and we'll tell you what size you need.
Dimensions: 38 x 900 x 950
Size: Medium 17 Inches Wide by 18.5 Inches High
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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