UV Black-Light Flashlight Pet Urine Detector. Ultra-Bright Led Cordless Stain Finder for Detecting Dry Dog Cat and Pet Urine/Pee. GranPaws® Stain Seeker RED Color. A Unique Gift Giving Idea.

ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH YOUR PET(S) BUT NOT IN LOVE WITH THE MESS THEY MAKE OR THE SMELLS THEY LEAVE BEHIND? IS YOUR PET YOUR BEST FRIEND EXECPT WHEN IT COMES TO TOILET TRAINING? DO YOU HAVE A PERSISTENT PET URINE ODOUR IN YOUR HOME THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO YOU JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET RID OF? THEN GRANPAWS HAS THE ANSWER FOR YOU!! HOW IT WORKSGranPaws Stain Seeker Ultraviolet Black Light works by detecting elements in your pets urine and illuminating them so the stain is visible to the human eye. You will be able to easily remove the source of the odour on your floors or carpet as our powerful flashlight will make dry stains glow. EXCLUSIVE DESIGN GranPaws Ultraviolet Stain Seeker is made from light weight durable material for top quality assurance. Our UV LED light bulbs provide bright strong constant uninterrupted stream of powerful light that illuminates stains on contact. It's ergonomic lightweight design makes it easy for anyone; young or old; to hold and use. UNLIMITED USES GranPaws Black Light Stain Seeker does not only detect Dog and Cat Urine, but can be used to detect stains from Rodents and Unwanted Pests. The Stain Seeker can be used to detect stains on furniture, bookshelves, inside vents, clothing, cloth decorations and anywhere else you can think of! Multi-FunctionalStain Seeker is not limited to Pets and can also be used for Forgery Analysis as the UV Light will illuminate fake bank notes, standard checks and travellers checks. Use it for Currency Verification as U.S. paper currency has embedded stripes which glow fluoresce under ultraviolet light. UV Light can be used to identify your automotive oil leaks. UV light can be used to read quick drying readmission inks for Admission or Control at clubs
Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 410
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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