Beautiful Rosh Hashana Apple Shaped Gift Basket-Kosher

Sweet New Year wishes come when you send this lovely apple shaped metal basket filled with chocolate sprinkled chocolate praline rum balls or nut brandy chocolate pralines, accompanied by a jar of honey and a honey comb dipping stick. People love to recieving this! Contains: Chocolate Sprinkeld Chocolate Praline Rum Balls, (or Nut Brandy Chocolate Praline), 1 Honey Jar, 1 Honey Comb Stick and 1 Apple Metal Tin. Parve Under the strict kosher supervision of any one of the following kosher certification agencies: OU, OK, Kaf-K, Star-K, CRC, COR, MK (Montreal Kosher), Eda Cahredis Badatz.
Package quantity: 3
Condition: New

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