Unbreakable Silicone Wine Drinking Glasses & Travel Tote Carrier Bag for Carrying Red or White Vino or Champagne to Picnics - Set of 12 oz Tumblers Best as Camping Gear To Go On Outdoor Hikes...

Functional, flexible, and oh, so stylish silicone wine glasses go anywhere without concerns about breakage, scratches, or cracks. Perfect for poolside and beach use, and they're dishwasher safe, too. Good wine calls for a great drinking experience, and no paper or plastic cup will do. Even if glass is a no-go - by the pool, at the beach, or by the campfire - you don't have to settle for disposable just to avoid broken glassware. These stemless silicone wine glasses look as elegant as they feel, and best of all, they're unbreakable. That means they're perfect for parties, boats, camping, or anywhere you need a safe alternative to glass. They're not just for wine, either. Kids love the all-purpose, flexible, no-worry design for milk and juice, and if you're heading out for a hike, just toss them in your backpack and you'll always have a water glass handy. Unlike collapsible drinking cups, these silicone glasses will never leak, yet they're just as easy to pack. Wine Walker Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glass Set With Portable Travel Bag For Wine On The Go What's Included?- Set of Two Clear Wine Walker Silicone Wine Glasses With Personalized Signature Logo on Bottom of Cups- Black Travel Carrier Bag- Attractive Gift Box
Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 490
Size: 2 Wine Glasses With Bag
Color: Translucent
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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