The 12 Days of Christmas Newlywed Wedding Ornament Gift Box Set

It is a tradition that every newlywed couple should have these 12 ornaments adorning their Christmas tree as a sign of good fortune and happiness Disk style ornaments feature different symbols inside each on that is raised against an intricately detailed backgroundThe meaning of each symbol is inscribed on the front of each ornament and embellished with sparkling glitterThe back of each ornament is a solid silver colorOrnaments come ready-to-hang on sheer white ribbonsThe meaning of each symbol:1. Flower basket - for good wishes2. Rose - for beauty3. Heart - for true love4. Pine Cone - for fruitfulness5. Fruit basket - for generosity-6. Fish - for Christ's blessing7. Teapot - for hospitality8. St. Nicholas - for good will9. Angel - for God's Guidance10. Bird - for joy11. House - for protection12. Rabbit - for hopeDimensions: 3" diameterMaterial(s): glass/metalComes packaged in a beautiful gift box
Color: clear
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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