The Douche Bag Funny Novelty Christmas / Birthday Gifts Item for Him or Her - Gag Gift for Men, Women, Brother, Sister, Teen, Uncle, Best Friend, Mom, Dad, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Prank

***NEWSFLASH - YOUR FRIENDS ARE DOUCHEBAGS*** Look, I hate to be the one to tell you this but your friends are douchebags. It's true... you likely knew that right? So what better way to celebrate their... let's say 'Awesomeness' than by proclaiming it with a gift worthy of their character. But don't stop there... Here are some creative ways to use The Douche-Bag: Douchey-O, Politico: Annoyed with your politician? Wrap one of these up and send it over. Or - send it directly from Amazon. (I imagine a couple of these will be showing up at the Oval Office this year...) Office Sabotage: You know that ONE really annoying person at the office? The one you REALLY want to tell off but can't? You could keep praying they slip on a patch of ice but you can't exactly count on it. What's stopping you from sneaking one onto their desk... Mail Room Mayhem - So there's more than one douche at your office you say? Grab a stack of these and torpedo them into their mailboxes. When the rest of the staff notices the special line up of receivers the laughs will kick in... Ex-ceptionally Funny - Had a break up recently...or ever? What better way to remind that jerky Ex than a mailbox full of DoucheBag! Auto Douche'otic Humliation: Up for something a little more edgy? Methinks you might be into a bit of public humiliation. How about slipping one of these under the windshield wiper of your friend or enemy while they are at work? The Douche Pack: If you're the coach of a douchey pack of winners, celebrate their victory/embarrassing failure this season with a special little something like a Douche Bag. Just Douche-It I've said enough. If you're not convinced by now that you need one, possibly MANY of these, close your browser and run for the hills. Otherwise, add to cart amigo and Douche it Up!
Dimensions: 67 x 787 x 787
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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