Indian Amber Rose Fragrance Gift Set with Pair of 10mL Fragrance Oils, 3 Tealight Candles and a Handcrafted Ceramic Burner Vaporizer - Use for Air Freshener, Aromatherapy or Ayurveda

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In India, the scent of the flowers from the Amber Rose has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. The aromatic bouquet of this natural plant is unlike anything else in the world. Slightly sweet yet also woody, Amber Rose adds an exotic feeling to any space, and with our Indian Amber Rose Fragrance Gift Set, you can experience it for yourself in a simple, stylish way. The Indian Amber Rose Fragrance Gift Set includes everything needed to begin enjoying all of the benefits of amber rose fragrance. The set begins with a beautiful vaporizer oil burner that is ivory and taupe in color to match any color palette in your home. The bottom of the holder is open at the back, so that you can easily insert one of the three tealights from the set. A cutout flower at the front scatters the light from the candle for a beautiful effect. Completing the set is two, 10-milliliter bottles of amber rose oil. Just add a few drops to the top of the burner before lighting the candle, and you'll begin sensing the fragrance of Amber Rose all around. In Ayurveda, Amber Rose is commonly associated with the root and sacral chakras and is often used to help open these two essential eyes. Amber rose fragrance is also believed to have many aromatherapeutic properties. Typically, it is used as a calming scent for promoting rest and relaxation. Some practitioners use it to address feelings of depression. Some people believe Amber Rose to be an aphrodisiac, making the Indian Amber Rose Fragrance Gift Set perfect for setting the mood for a romantic evening at home. Whether you simply want an alternative to a spray air freshener or wish to incorporate Ayurveda medicine or aromatherapy into your daily routine to promote well-being, our Indian Amber Rose Fragrance Gift Set is the perfect solution. Order this fragrance set today for yourself or to treat someone special to the wonderful experience of sensing the scent of amber rose flower in the air.
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