Cute USB Flash Drives 4GB Gift Set Glass Bottle USB Driver Gifts For Women

Experience premium, reliable and secure storage with a Zoegift Cute flash drive.Store, transport and share photos, videos, music, documents and more. Simply copy any file(s) onto the Zoegift Thumb Drive to access your data anytime, anywhere.High Speed Cute Glass Jar Cute USB Drive 4GB USB Gifts for Women Capacity 4GB A tiny glass jar and a cork with a usb flash drive in it.This usb flash drive is definitely durable even if this thing gets tossed around, plugged in and out at multiple various times during the day.Because main control chip were designed by the engineer from Silicon Valley. One of the high points of this thumb drive is the fastest possible writing and reading speed.Please test the USB Flash Drive by h2testw and upload the results,in order to let more persons buy better USB Flash Drives What's in the Box: 1 USB Flash Drive,1 Bookmark,1 Fancy package,1 Beautiful silk ribbons and 1 Blank card where you can write something. Zoegift makes USB Flash Drives! Any shape,any size,any colour. 1.We don't just sell off-the-shelf USB models, one of our core services is the manufacturing and supply of Custom USB Flash Drives. 2. We have plenty of experience in making custom and bespoke USB flash Drives. We can tailor unique USB drives to your specification. 3. We have done them for big brands as well as small business. 4. We can produce in your custom USB flash drive in PVC, wood, plastics, silicone, rubber, bamboo, metal, jewelry, or even stainless steel and it might not cost as much as you think. Looking for something a bit more individual ? Looking for something that gets people talking ? Can't find a Flash Drive that fits all your requirements ? Zoegift will make one ! Any questions feel free to contact us!
Dimensions: 190 x 270 x 430
Color: White
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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