[2017 New Year Gift] Nita Jinsanta 100% Natural Plain Mulberry Silk Scarf Red 71"x12"

About NITA Nita is the band of Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 002404), specializing in woman natural silk shirts and scarves. Company has own brand, with the industrial park industry group, complete industrial chain of unique advantages, to fill the gaps in the market. We diversified devolvement in production, research and development, trade as one of the company was awarded a well-known silk enterprises, the key silk industry enterprises. How To Discriminate Natural Silk A. The Burn Test Pull out a loose thread from the silk product you're interested in. Now burn it. What should happen´╝č 1. The thread should simply ball up and turn to ash when lit. 2. The burning silk should smell like burning hair. (Both substances mainly consist of a fibrous protein - fibroin in the case of silk and keratin in the case of hair.) 3. The ash should be black and crispy/brittle. 4. As soon as the flame is removed, the thread should do nothing more (no further burning). B. Other Methods 1. If you release the silk products, it has no creases, and return back to normal easily. 2. Appearance: the real silk has the pearl-like luster, soft and not harsh. It has soft touch, and ice-cold sense. 3.Feature: the real silk has the grating sound. Silk Washing & Maintenance 1. Medium ironing temperature, avoid hot ironing. 2. Mattress indirect ironing, avoid direct contact with the ironing. 3. Tiled laundry, avoid wire hanged. 4. Protected from light, avoid direct light. 5. Store should be wrapped decay product after use, avoid direct contact with moth products. 6. Washed silk dress collection, avoid direct laundry collection.
Dimensions: 90 x 1070 x 1490
Size: One Size
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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