Rock Rock Moose Reversible Baby Bandana Drool Bib With Gift Bag in Super Absorbent 3 Ply Organic Cotton with 3 Adjustable Snaps to Grow with Baby

It's hard to keep your cool when you're covered in drool. You know what it's like: you've got drool on your best sweater and smeared applesauce on your new vest. Then mom or dad sticks a crunchy old plastic bib on you that is itchy, irritating and just plain yucky. What's a stlyin' little baby to do? Rock Rock Moose reversible bandana bibs to the rescue! Why are these the best bandana bibs around? Totally reversible. Wear one side, flip it around and wear the other. Twice the fun, half the washing. Extra thick. These bandanas are-count with me, 1, 2, 3 ply! That's right. No more drool soaking right into your clothes. These mop it all up. If you rub your tummy with them on, a moose appears!* 100% organic cotton on each side with fuzzy fleece in between. Nothing but cotton will touch your tender skin. Authentic cowboy cut, perfect for boys and girls. Three nickel-free snaps to grow with you. That's right, on each side! Fits newborn all the way to toddler.Five pack of fun animals on one side and fashion-forward abstract designs on the other. Perfect for the baby who likes to be both cool and cute. *To be honest, this one is still in the long-term planning stages. But if moose do start appearing, please let us know. Here's what your 5-pack includes Owls' Night Out: Owls one side, Stars on the other It's a Ducky Day: Ducks on one side, clouds on the other) Birds of a Feather: Birds on one side, feathers on the other Let's Go Fishing: Fish on one side, wavy lines on the other Dotty for Bears Bears on one side, polkadots on the otherAnd of course a super cute gift bag because these also make a rockin' baby shower gift for all the cool parents out there!
Dimensions: 160 x 690 x 760
Size: 5 reversible
Color: It's a ducky day, Birds of a feather, Owl's night
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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