SALE 40% OFF - Baby Bandana Drool Bibs For Boys And Girls, Great For Traveling and Camping with Kids - 4 Pack Gift Set, Absorbent Cotton, 2 Clip Adjustable Snaps, Soft & Comfortable.

A fun and fashionable way to make your baby stand out while also protecting their shirts from messy spit up. When it comes to your baby, things can get a little messy; especially when they're teething, drooling, learning to drink out of a bottle or sippy cup, or just spitting up what they just had for lunch. It's a wonder you can ever keep their shirts clean! That's why you need the Baby Joy Time Bandana Bibs. Super soft, absorbent, and comfortable for babies and toddlers of all sizes, you can keep your baby cleaner and their shirts looking new a bit longer! And because they come in cute designs and colors for both boys and girls, they can be matched to both every day and holiday outfits. Made of 100% cotton on the front for maximum absorbency, and a blend of polyester and cotton on the back for super soft comfort, our Baby Joy Time Bandana Bibs are made to keep clothes cleaner, protect your baby's soft skin, and give you a reason to buy that amazing shirt you just found on sale! Here are a few additional benefits offered by the Baby Joy Time Bandana Bib: Super soft, absorbent cotton Ages 3-24 months Gentle on sensitive skin Hand and machine washable Two (2) adjustable clips BONUS:Don't forget that each set of baby bandanas comes with a FREE travel bag! Not only that, but each order also comes with a FREE EBook containing healthy recipes for your baby! Get yours today by clicking "Add to Cart" at the top and get yours within 48 hours with Amazon Prime!
Dimensions: 110 x 800 x 900
Package quantity: 4
Condition: New

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