Gemini Fairy Baby Bandana Drool Bibs, Unisex 10-pack Absorbent Cotton, Lovely Baby Gift for Boys & Girls (Model 1)

We can't confirm that other sellers' bibs will have the same quality with Gemini Fairy, so, pls recognize the Gemini Fairy package, choose us, choose the best gift for your angel baby, you have our promise!! Product Description Front is made of 100% soft cotton backed by an absorbent polyester cotton fabric to protect your little drooler and teething baby. Keep your baby's clothes dry from dribble without the use of an uncomfortable waterproof layer - Stop changing your baby's clothes 3-4 times a day, just put a bandana bib on and you're good to go! Great to have on hand in your diaper bag to keep your drooly baby dry all the time wherever you go. From the Manufacturer Gemini Fairy Baby Bibs:- Have 2 snap closures making the bibs easily adjustable (no Velcro) - Are made of 100% cotton- Are soft and comfortable to wear - Don't cover up a baby's outfit but accessorize it - Keep a baby dry longer - help protect against drool rash and reflux - Look cool and fashionable unlike a regular bib - Are great for droolers and teething babies. They are the perfect drool bibs!
Dimensions: 150 x 630 x 640
Color: Girls
Package quantity: 10
Condition: New

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