Duke Cannon Ammo Can Gift Set - Limited Edition U.S. Military Field Box Gift Pack and Bullet Bottle Opener-Corkscrew

While clown soaps offer a free loofa, the Duke Cannon Gift Pack offers a variety pack of 5 Big Ass Bricks of Soap (one of each variety plus the Heavy Duty Hand Soap), and an authentic, military field box used to carry .30 cal ammunition. These cans are reusable and watertight, and they make for great hunting/camping storage cans, or the greatest lunch pail ever. And, as a nominal bonus, a free Stanley screwdriver, proudly Made in the USA, like all the Duke Cannon products. Cans are in used condition and may have dents, scratches and traces of sand.
Dimensions: 358 x 720 x 1091
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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