Basic - Prepacked Hospital Labor Bag / New Mom Gift Highest Quality All-Natural Products

SOCK SIZE (By Baby Be Mine Maternity)Small (S)- Women's 4-6; Medium (M)- Women's 6.5-9.5; Large (L)- Women's 10-13 UNDERWEAR SIZE (pre-pregnancy Size)Small (S)- Size 2-6 (Hips 36"-39"); Medium (M)- Size 8-10 (Hips 40"-41"); Large (L)- Size 12-14 (Hips 42"-43.5"); 2XL (XXL)- Size 16-18 (Hips 45"-46") Our Basic My Pure Delivery bag has everything you need to get your labor off to a comfortable and healthy start while staying within your budget. Every product in your My Pure Delivery maternity bag has been hand-selected and are free of worrisome chemicals such as: Phthalates; Parabens; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES); Formaldehyde; Lead; Mercury. Our Basic Bag contains over 20 products that you will need for your labor, delivery, and postpartum experience. What's in the Basic Bag? Organic, Chlorine-Free Maternity Feminine Pads (10 count); Hair Tie (2); Shampoo; Conditioner; Toothpaste; Deodorant; Organic Cotton Q-tips (30 count); Body Wash; Face Wash; Facial Moisturizer; Toothbrush; Bath Sponge; Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer; Lip Balm; Organic Lollipop/Candy (6)- Great for labor when ice chips are usually your only indulgence; Organic Cotton Non-slip Socks (2); Disposable Underwear (3); Nipple Cream; Organic, Chlorine-Free Nursing Pads; Polyester Tote Bag; My Pure Delivery Booklet (Printed on recycled paper); Double-Sided Door Hanger for Birthing Center Door and Home (Printed on recycled paper with soy ink)- Use both in the hospital and at home
Condition: New

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