Espresso Powder by JAVA & Co., French Square Glass Bottle

JAVA & Co.'s Espresso Powder is made from freshly roasted Arabica beans. Espresso lends deep, rich flavor to everything from cookies, cakes, frostings, ice cream, brownies and creates a delicious char crust on grilled meats. New Bottle - Same JAVA & Co. Espresso Powder. Each order will receive one 1.5 ounce net weight which equals 4 ounces by volume - re-useable French square glass bottle of Espresso Powder. Sold by weight, not by volume. JAVA & Co.'s Espresso Powder is made from freshly roasted Arabica beans. Look no further for this hard-to-find ingredient. Espresso Powder is a secret of professional bakers. This is a baking ingredient not an instant espresso. Made from fresh espresso roasted Arabica beans, resulting in a deep, smooth flavor profile. The essential ingredient for creating rich flavor or enhancing your favorite chocolate desserts! The amount used will vary depending upon the recipe, application and desired end flavor profile - anywhere from a pinch for a light garnish and more. JAVA & Co.'s Espresso Powder is a fresh and natural alternative. It is not freeze dried or spray dried. It is not an instant espresso. FREE of anti-caking agents and preservatives. Natural Product Note: The natural oils in the freshly roasted espresso may bind together within the glass jar to form small espresso powder balls. This is entirely normal and will not affect the properties of the espresso powder. These are easily crushed and will blend into batter as intended.
Size: 1.5 ounces
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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