BLOCKBUSTER Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning Gift Set, Hostess Gift For Any Occasion, by Urban Accents

The Perfect Flavor for your Favorite Flick This is the ultimate movie night popcorn gift set with unique Non-GMO Project Verified kernel varietals and natural seasonings to suit cravings for savory, tangy, sweet and cheesy taste buds alike. Blockbuster Movie Night Popcorn Includes: White Gold Kernels - Classic & light pops up with a fluffy texture. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA. Ruby Red Kernels - Deep red kernels pop up with a slightly sweet taste. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA. Tricolor Kernels - Festive blend of ruby red, indigo blue and white gold kernels. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA White Cheddar Seasoning - The ultimate cheese topping Tangy Dill Pickle Seasoning - Herb & garlic tangy-ness Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn Seasoning - Traditional carnival flavor at home Sizzling Sriracha Seasoning - A super spicy kick Asiago & Cracked Pepper Seasoning - Sophisticated cheesy & smoky blend Buttery Caramel Corn Seasoning - Old-fashioned caramel corn made easy
Dimensions: 465 x 1110 x 1402
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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