Blooming Tea Set with 16 oz. Insulated Glass Mug for a 3 Pc. Gift (Candied Apple,Creme Brulee)

Flowering Tea Set with Blooming Flowers Tea Balls in Candied Apple & Creme Brulee + 16 oz. Glass Mug A beautiful set of: 2 Tins of Pinky Up Flowering Green Tea with 10 Bulbs (2.5 oz.) -1 of each delicious flavor: Candied Apple and Creme Brulee, plus a Pinky Up double walled glass 16 oz. tea mug. Flowering tea, or blooming tea, is made by wrapping tea leaves around dry flowers. When the resulting dry bundle is steeped, it unfurls to create a beautiful flower while infusing the water with delicate but flavorful tea. This lovely green tea is naturally calorie free. Pinky Up is about guilt free indulgence - a way to enjoy great flavor with no calories. Only the highest quality full leaf tea, herbs and botanicals are used so that your tastebuds get the most punch per sip. Each blooming tea ball makes 1 pot of tea. Steep for 3-5 minutes and watch the flower blossom. For best effect, brew in a glass pot or mug. If brewing in a mug, one flower will remain flavorful for multiple steeps. The included 16 oz. double walled, insulated, glass mug with handle is the perfect compliment to your blooming tea. Watch the flowers unfurl and enjoy the view as you sip. It's also the perfect all around coffee or tea mug. Burning your hands on a hot tea mug is the worst, and tea that gets cold too fast is almost as bad. This gem of a mug solves both problems beautifully while showcasing your tea through its clear double walls. Double walled mugs keep contents hot or cold longer than regular glasses, creates a fun aesthetic that looks like your drink is floating, prevents condensation, and exterior walls stay cool to the touch. If you're for a great go-to gift for friends, family, co-workers or the women in your life, this is it. A useful, unique, elegant set will be sure to please. Scroll up to the top, click "Add to Cart" and get your item to your door in 2 days!
Dimensions: 500 x 700 x 740
Size: N/A
Package quantity: 3
Condition: New

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