Gourmet Organic Indian Spice Kit Gift Set - Masala Mama - Goa Coconut Curry & Vindaloo - 1oz SET - 1 Kit Serves 4 People - SET OF 2 SPICE KITS

Goa Curry is a Konkan dish from the Western coast of India, typically made with shrimp. The subtle sweetness of coconut milk is perfectly balanced with the sour tang of the unique kokum (fish tamarind) and spiced with flecks of red chilli powder. You can substitute fish or chicken for the shrimp if you prefer. A mouthwatering pungent and spicy curry created by the Portugese Goans, cooked with lots of garlic and flavored with aromatic spices and vinegar. Vindaloo is traditionally written as Vin d'alho (Vin is wine vinegar and alho is garlic) and pronounced "vin-DAH-lu". It's typically made with pork but you can use chicken or beef if you prefer. This dish is wonderful the day it's made but simply divine the next day when all the strong flavors meld together.
Dimensions: 290 x 440 x 840
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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