Valrhona 32 French Gourmet Chocolate Squares 6 Dark chocolates & 2 Milk Chocolates assortment, Gift box

This gourmet chocolate gift box by Valrhona contains 32 squares of 8 different chocolates: 6 dark chocolates (Abinao 85% cocoa, Guanaja 70%, Alpaco 66%, Caraibe 66%, Manjari 64%, Tainori 64%) and 2 milk chocolates (Jivara 40% cocoa, Tanariva 33%). Abinao is a bitter sweet dark chocolate with 85% cacao. The cocoa beans contained in Abinao are harvested in Africa. Intense and tannic, these unique cocoa beans create a chocolate with powerful tannins and a strong, lingering intensity. Caraibe gourmet chocolate is a harmonious and sensual bitter sweet dark chocolate with 66% cacao and split hazelnuts. Guanaja is an elegant and powerful bitter sweet dark chocolate and has 70% cacao with cocoa nibs. Alpaco is a dark chocolate with 66% cacao and has a distinctive floral and oaky flavor. Manjari is a dark chocolate with 64% cocoa. This chocolate is made with beans from Madagascar and has acidulous notes of red and dried fruits. Tainori gourmet chocolate is a fruity & Intense dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic. Flavors of yellow fruit follow in the wake of roast almond and freshly baked bread. This single origin chocolate contains 64% cocoa. Jivara is a delicious milk chocolate with 40% cocoa. it has a pronounced cocoa taste and notes of malt and vanilla. Tanariva grand cru chocolate is a milk chocolate with 33% cocoa that expresses a great balance of acidulous flavours, softened by pronounced milky caramel notes. This box of gourmet chocolate squares is perfect as a gift! It is imported from France.
Dimensions: 110 x 630 x 669
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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