GET WELL GIFT PLANT - TickleMe Plant Gift Box Set - Grow the Plant that closes its leaves when you TICKLE it or blow it a KISS! It also grows Pink Cotton Candy Like Flowers! Sure to make them SMILE.

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Maybe you know someone who is sick, or perhaps a dear friend who had an little accident or mishap or just feels a bit down. There is only one way to make them all feel better & give them a good smile. The TickleMe Plant! The TickleMe Plant is guaranteed to move and Put A Smile On Those faces The most beautiful Get Well Gift, you may offer somebody to make them feel better psychologically & physically. A Tickle MePlant has a very special ability - when you actually tickle it, the leaves close slowly and the branches tend to lower, when touched! You have to see it for yourself! Cutest Way To Give A Breath Of Joy The sparking pink delicate flowers that grow on the plant, are a touch of beauty, attached to your joy gift. You will love it, your friends & family will love it, your kids will love it. Everyone will love it! Perfect for all who are going through some hardship. Guaranteed to Move when tickled and make the person smile! A Tickle of hope is very important to them, & giving them such a present will make you even more important to them!! Your Ticklish Box The box of the Tickler Plant contains:One packet of TickleMe Plant Seeds (10-20 Mimosa pudica seeds) One 4 inch flower pot. One soil wafer that expands when you add water. Yes - all you will need to grow a fine gift. The seeds, instructions how to grow it & much more. It also comes with a sweet label quoting "I'm Tickled To Share This Get Well Gift With You". Help your loved ones grow well & healthy - help them grow their own plant! Because we always care for the things we grow ourselves. Share Your Love and your Love of Nature- Give Your Friends Something To Remember Today With Just A Click.
Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 430
Color: Colors are random Green or Gold
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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