Pollen Ranch Gift Pack (6 tins)

Give the gift of spice with Pollen Ranch's specialty 6 pack gift set. Each gift set comes with the standard: Gourmet Fennel Pollen (0.5 oz.) for any and all uses, Divine Desserts (1 oz.) Gourmet blended spice for a Baker's Delight, Pollen Ranch's own Hog Heaven (1 oz.) specialty blend for pork and poultry, a M~Ocean (1 oz.) blended spice for fish and shellfish, a Zen-Sational (1 oz.) blended spice great on vegetables and in soups and a Pollen Asian (1 oz.) gourmet spice blend good for stir-fry, BBQing and vegetables. With this specialty collection of spices any and all meals will be a Gourmet Delight! Remember to Spice up any kitchen with these "secret ingredients" from Pollen Ranch. Six pack gift set are $50.00 (USD) for any combination of six blends, shipped in a decorative gift box. Dimensions: 10.125 inches x 3.375 inches x 2.375 inches. If you would like to customize your own gift pack with a mix of your favorite spice blends, please e-mail us with your favorite flavors or include them in the comment box with your order.
Condition: New

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