Smoked Hungarian Paprika 1.5 oz. (42g) - Organic Eco Friendly Gifts! - Eco-Spices!

Buy the best spices in the world here at Florida Herb House. Eco-Spices are now here at our herb store! Sustainably grown and unmatched in flavor and quality. Less is more with Eco-Spices! All Eco-Spices are ethically grown and most are grown with an organic certificate. Everything about these spices is environmentally friendly: - Grown Without Fertilizers! - Grown Without Pesticides! - Grown Without Chemicals! - Sustainably Grown! - Packed In A Recyclable Glass Jar! - Fitted With A Bio-Degradable Label! - Flavor & Taste Second To None! - Refill The Glass Jar When You Run Out! - Refills Available At Florida Herb House! All Eco-Spices are sold in a delightful glass wire bail gift jar manufactured with recyclable materials and fitted with a environmentally friendly bio-degradable label. Try the best spices and seasonings on the planet today! Florida Herb House "Smoked Paprika" (Capsicum annuum) is made in Spain from smoked, ground pimiento peppers and often referred to as simply smoked paprika. Florida Herb House smoked paprika is not the typical bland dull spice you get at the local supermarket. It's more a cousin to traditional Hungarian paprika. What makes all of these varieties distinct is the deep smoky flavor they share.
Size: 1.5 oz.
Condition: New

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