Wranglin' Rubs: Spice Rub Gift Sets for BBQ Lovers

This is a collection of some of our best bbq spice rubs. With this gift set you can flavor everything from alligator to zebra and any meat in between! The perfect gift idea for all the BBQ lovers in your life. We know you and your family will enjoy these BBQ spice rubs and that your creativity and our flavors make for the perfect dish. This gift set contains the following products in medium glass jars (4floz): Pearl St. Plank Rub, Pike's Peak Butcher's Rub, Flat Irons Prime Rib Rub, and Limnos Lamb Rub
Dimensions: 500 x 712 x 1012
Size: 4 Jar Spice Pack
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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