Apiterra HONEY Gift set with Superfoods - 6 Jars Variety Pack, 48 Ounce, Healthy Jam & Jelly Gift

Welcome to Apiterra, the first artisan company in the US to produce all-natural, RAW HONEY-BASED SUPERFOODS. Do you like Honey Gifts as much as we? We love honey and we know you'll fall in love too after tasting our incredibly delicious, unique product, that is perfect as a honey and jam gift set. We thrive on our passion for tasty healthy products that use the cleanest ingredients. We aim to make honey a staple in every household, promoting a healthy lifestyle for each person with each of our delicious, unique flavors. Our RAW honey set has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way. It is alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. One spoon of honey spread every day boosts your immune system, improves digestion and detoxes the whole body. • NO SUGAR ADDED (unlike jams or fruit preserves) • NEVER HEATED OR PASTEURIZED • GLUTEN-FREE • PALEO • VEGETARIAN Just 100% INNOCENT PURE, RAW HONEY GIFT . PERFECT FOR A HOLIDAY GIFT . DON'T MISS the chance to try incredible Honey GIFT set!
Dimensions: 320 x 530 x 800
Package quantity: 6
Condition: New

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